This is the Programs section. Here I am keeping all the small scripts (about 20 lines or less), which I am calling 'scriptlets', that I write an are easy for you to implement using autohotkey or downloading the software.

These so-called, 'scriptlets' do little, useful tasks and can be run anytime or set to un on startup.

The Scriptlets

Here's the list of scriptlets currently available:

Running on Startup

To make one of these scriptlets run on startup, follow these instructions:

Now, any time you log on, the scriptlet will run in the background.

Installing Scripts

In order to install these scripts, if a .exe version is not provided, you will need to install AutoHotkey ( Then go into 'notepad' via the start menu an copy and paste th script from the links provided. Save the files as whatever.ahk Make sure to add .ahk and select 'all files' from the list below when you are saving. Then simply double-clicking on the file you saved will make the scriptlet run!